Spending ridiculous amounts of money on 2 weeks worth of flowers

I’m trying to cool it on the bulbs this year. It’s gotten out of control—I’ve been spending too much money and too much time agonizing over which color, which variety, which ones will actually come up, which ones will perennialize.

Stop the madness!

So last week I took just a few minutes to quickly put in an order at Brent and Becky’s. The goal is to get everything but the lilies at ONE PLACE. There are some Perestroika and Blushing Lady (god the names) single lates for the front.

Some Prinses Irene and Striped Bellona for containers.

And some Woodstock and Yellow Queen for forcing. I’ve pretty much given up on the whole subtlety thing. I think bright colors are what it’s all about for this short spring show.

It will be interesting to see if the species tulips from years past come back. I think I enjoy forcing the hyacinths the most; potting them, checking on them, and waiting for them to bloom inside is fun.


Some years I've spent hundreds of dollars on bulbs without realizing it. I've calmed down in recent years. Having a spouse to account to for garden purchaes helps!

I ordered my bulbs back in July. I kept it all under $200 this year. They may start arriving as early as the beginning of October. I need to get the planting areas and containers ready!
Carol Michel said…
I'm glad there are others who have to consciously "check" their spending in the gardening, before it gets out of control.
Annie in Austin said…
I've gone nuts in the past, but like xris have calmed down. I still buy something every year, and tulips don't do well here, and I've put in quite a few daffodils, so this year it should be some hyacinths - you forgot one more attribute, EAL -that heavenly scent!

lisa said…
As much as I love to go nuts with my bulb orders in anticipation of the show, I always curse myself when I realize that now there are 150 holes to dig! Luckily, my obsessive soil amending with horse manure in recent years has made all my previous bulb plantings healthy multipliers (even the stuff that's said not to last very long). So now I just don't have room for so many bulbs..in fact, I plan NO purchases this year! Plus in zone 4, my "late" bulbs are still blooming mid-june, and the "early" ones still have their foliage...lengthy show indeed-well worth it!
Felicia said…
I'm spending quite a bit on daffodils and muscari, mostly. I spent a TON two years ago, in my old house. If my husband would just quit moving me around, I could sit back and enjoy instead of ordering and planting!
Another order's coming next week from High Country Garden...oops!

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