Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

From the exoticism of the glasshouse collections to the annual and perennial beds outside, I never get tired of this place.


green thoughts said…
No apologies, but this bg looks boring.
Maybe its okay if you're well beyond retirement age (ie. seen/done most everything in the gardening world), but I'm not ready for this much conservatory/koi/tropical looks etc. Give me good hardy, flowering diversity in a good naturalistic settings and I'll be in much more stimulated, engaging space.
EAL said…
Well, I like it and I'm nowhere near 70 yet. Inside tropical works well when outside is freezing 5 months of the year (at least).

I like conservancies such as Austin's wildflower center as well. I like all of the styles, really. There's certainly room for many styles of public gardens--no need to dismiss any,in my view, as long as they are kept up.
green thoughts said…
I suppose that's true, to each their own. I would add, not only if they're being kept up, but if they are true to a vision (indeed if they have one!) and are meeting a need for the community they serve. Sounds like they're meeting a need for you.
Tom said…
To green thoughts, there is a BG in Sarasota County Florida that you would probably like , as it is mostly in nature , though it does have a building with exhibits as well as an historic home you can tour. Like you, i try to avoid gardens that are showcased in a building...although tropical bio-dome setting can be neat-o.
EAL said…
Also, I should mention that to have a period-perfect Lord and Burnham glasshouse in an Olmsted Park is pretty rare.

There might be 2-3 others in the U.S.

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