Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ah, spring

Spring always catches me unawares. That’s because we really don’t have spring in the full cliché sense of it: verdant green buds, birds chirping—everything fresh, new, and more and less clean.

We have some of that stuff, but it’s obscured by an overlay of winter’s leftover filth, and you don’t want to hang out looking at it too long, because it’s also quite unpleasantly chilly. Plus there are the leaves. Old, horrible, matted down leaves that didn’t get raked because they didn’t fall until right before the first snow hit.

It’s more an in-between waiting period than an actual season. Nonetheless, I did notice that there were quite a few bulb shoots attempting to make their way through the matted down crusty leaves. And the sun was shining through the (dirty) windows and I thought, yeah, why not go out and do some raking. Healthy! Fresh air! Opened the door—brrrrr—closed it, and that was that. Maybe next weekend.