Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hellebores—they’re a mystery, but that’s OK

So. After a few seasons of poring over catalogs, ordering them online, and viewing and buying them in person, I now have a nice bunch of hellebores. Two I have had for some years, purchased from Wayside back in the day. These have now formed nice clumps in the back garden.

The others are newer double and single varieties purchased from Plant Delights and local nurseries. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I am not really sure what any of the new varieties are. How did this happen? Some of the ones I bought did not survive. Plant Delights does not seem to currently carry anything that looks like what I bought. And I throw my labels out because I am not really that concerned.

In any case, the plants that are left and thriving are really quite attractive. There are 2 maroon doubles, a maroon single, one white double, a speckled white, and the rest seem to be ordinary hybridus.

Could hellebores be the ideal plant for the difficult terrain of the GWI property?

Happy belated GBBD.