Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's come to this: I'm spying on my plants

This has been sitting in a box in an upstairs room for about a year and a half. You know how that happens. I finally took the PlantCam out and set it up (very easy). As some of you know, this device takes pictures at set intervals for as long as an entire growing season. It then stitches them together to create a timelapse video. You put in the batteries, set the clock, set the intervals, and switch to auto. That's all.

It's in a sturdy plastic shell, so it can be used outside in any weather. For my purposes, though, I thought I could get some quick results by documenting these hyacinths, the last to emerge from the root cellar. When I bring the tulips up next week, I’ll document them as well.

PlantCam comes from the people (Wingscapes) who make the arguably more exciting BirdCam. And you have to wonder how useful either of these innocent devices would be for surveillance of other types. Hmmm.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs

Actually I gave a lot of them away. The 56 hyacinths and 5 pots of narcissus (5 others are elsewhere in the house) you see here represent a mere fraction of my 2010 bulb purchases. These will sit here for a while until I move some into my office and scatter others elsewhere in the house. This room used to be one of the darkest rooms in the house, but a couple months back we added 2 windows. It now almost qualifies as a sunroom.

Only a few of the forced bulbs are up, including these Erlicheer from Old House Gardens. The tulips are from the store, but I do have about 30 forced tulips waiting in the root cellar. Things tend to be slow here because the house is chilly.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty sizeable indoor gardening situation at the GWI property. There is the plant room, where the lemons are getting bigger and yellower, the other houseplants, and of course the bulbs. I have a gorgeous zygocactus in bloom but I hate the way it looks in a flash photo. More to come next GBBD, when the hyacinths are up.

Outside? It’s all white. Pretty, but kind of boring. And cold. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, January 03, 2011

What, already?!

It seems impossible that Christmas is past—yet the seed catalogs are pouring in, and the bulbs are emerging from the root cellar. It’s become the time of year when planning and anticipation of gardens to come slowly overtakes the winter doldrums.

I have no resolutions to offer. Basically, all the things I have been trying (and failing) to accomplish will received renewed efforts. Like:

-the conquering of the shady, root-filled front yard. I may hire a tree trimmer to get rid of some branches. That will help a bit. Then I will also have to hire someone to drill into the easeway to get some viciously aggressive groundcovers in there. Maybe I will have them drill some bulb holes as well.

-the perennialization of the rose/lily bed. It needs some tall plants that will harmonize—and not too many different species either.

-the addition of interesting shade perennials to the former monoculture of ferns and hostas.

And so on. I really just need to take the garden more seriously. So many things are out of control. The problem is that I secretly—or not so secretly—enjoy the chaos.