Monday, January 03, 2011

What, already?!

It seems impossible that Christmas is past—yet the seed catalogs are pouring in, and the bulbs are emerging from the root cellar. It’s become the time of year when planning and anticipation of gardens to come slowly overtakes the winter doldrums.

I have no resolutions to offer. Basically, all the things I have been trying (and failing) to accomplish will received renewed efforts. Like:

-the conquering of the shady, root-filled front yard. I may hire a tree trimmer to get rid of some branches. That will help a bit. Then I will also have to hire someone to drill into the easeway to get some viciously aggressive groundcovers in there. Maybe I will have them drill some bulb holes as well.

-the perennialization of the rose/lily bed. It needs some tall plants that will harmonize—and not too many different species either.

-the addition of interesting shade perennials to the former monoculture of ferns and hostas.

And so on. I really just need to take the garden more seriously. So many things are out of control. The problem is that I secretly—or not so secretly—enjoy the chaos.


Rebecca said...

By all means, leave at least a LITTLE room for chaos!

I walked around the yard in the early morning sun today and am so discouraged by the number of mole tunnels! We KNEW we had a problem this summer, but somewhere during the snow (now melted) they have hashed up our entire side yard. WHAT TO DO???

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

Why don't you put down some bulb seed and let them work themselves in and edit them later? Spare the spade, spoil the garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am guilty of loving that chaos too.

Donna said...

I am resigned to the chaos as well and what nature garden looks completely different every year and i like it...I am never satisfied and always's to chaos

Carol said...

Chaos is good, but so is a bit of order. How about the vegetable garden? Where's that going this year?!

Jean said...

Yeh, I can't figure out where the year went either. I think the chaos of your garden (well, chaos may be too strong of a word) was what made it so enchanting. So lush. Please, keep the chaos.