Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indoor tulip farming on a small scale

Well, here’s a strange selection of forced tulips. I have to wonder what I was thinking when I chose this bunch.

These pink ones? Really? Or was the package mismarked? This year I ended up using most of my mail-ordered bulbs for outdoors ad big containers, so for indoor forcing I grabbed some at the big box. There are a bunch of pink Darwins (I think), some parrots, these orange streaked ones (top, maybe Brown Sugar triumphs), and Orange Princess doubles left over from the mail order bunch. (I should have saved the bags.)

And then there was the PlantCam attempt to record the tulips coming up. This did not turn out that well, largely because the camera was set a bit too low. But it’s still fun.

I am using the cam again to catch the parrots coming into bloom.

Outside, we have some snowdrops, as always, hellebores in bud, and these lurid yellow eranthis. And that’s all folks. I don’t do crocus, though I am admiring all the tommies I am seeing in other blogs. Maybe next year!