Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indoor tulip farming on a small scale

Well, here’s a strange selection of forced tulips. I have to wonder what I was thinking when I chose this bunch.

These pink ones? Really? Or was the package mismarked? This year I ended up using most of my mail-ordered bulbs for outdoors ad big containers, so for indoor forcing I grabbed some at the big box. There are a bunch of pink Darwins (I think), some parrots, these orange streaked ones (top, maybe Brown Sugar triumphs), and Orange Princess doubles left over from the mail order bunch. (I should have saved the bags.)

And then there was the PlantCam attempt to record the tulips coming up. This did not turn out that well, largely because the camera was set a bit too low. But it’s still fun.

I am using the cam again to catch the parrots coming into bloom.

Outside, we have some snowdrops, as always, hellebores in bud, and these lurid yellow eranthis. And that’s all folks. I don’t do crocus, though I am admiring all the tommies I am seeing in other blogs. Maybe next year!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the slow mo camera view of the tulips coming up. FUN. I saw your kitty for an instant.

Kathryn said...

I had the chance to visit Buffalo this past week. Although it was beautiful on Friday when I went to your glass house, by Saturday it was too cold for this southern girl. I can see why you force bulbs to get some early spring going on up there when the only thing in bloom is under the dome.

Layanee said...

Okay, I need a plant cam. Love that and your selection of forced bulbs. I do think you deserve the crown for Queen of Forced Bulbs...and a scepter of course. What fun is a crown without a scepter. Maybe a feather boa too.

Caroline said...

I love the plant cam! But I love my sea of lurid eranthis in bloom under the oak tree each year.

Melissa Koski said...

Loved seeing the cat in the tulip cam- cool to see the tulip's growth!

McMinnnville TC said...

What a lovely pics and i like the slow mo camera view of the tulips coming up..
Than you for sharing..

gene said...

mini-rant, and didn't know where to do it...i think i'm gonna just start following you. i've followed gardenrant for a couple of years now, but i'm just not strong-hearted enough to witness people who garden in warmer zones - when gardening is your lifeblood, i need to hear of other's pain when winter lasts 6 months, or more.

i subscribe to no garden mags, and immediately recycled a mag that showcased gardens from portland, nc and dc - i can't relate, at all.

yes, i'm happy for y'all in warmer climes. but never-ending winter is killing anything peeking above ground, and there really is no end in sight, lows here in ann arbor are still consistently in the 20s and teens.

buffalo, i can relate. i've tried to follow "cold climate gardening" - but i don't really get it.

anyway, thank you for forcing so many bulbs. my houseplants sustain me during these 6 months and counting.

i know we are all one community - and my sympathy and condolences for those who garden further north - my respect for your fortitude and faith.

funny, you'd think gardening would stratify by class (rich, poor), but it's by zone for me. i really can't stand a zone 6 or above whining about ANYTHING - they're lucky in my book.

ok, rant over. thermostat = 81, and i've done as much "clean up" i can - please, spring, please.

Monica said...

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Kate said...

Wow, that's very cool that you can take time lapse video of your plants growing and coming into bloom. I look forward to seeing more!