Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tulips as annuals

Perhaps in a nurtured area with good sun, good soil, and proper fertilization, hybrid tulips might come up year after year, not twisted, not stunted, not diminished in numbers as each year passes. I wouldn't know, because I lack any such area. Therefore, I've been growing hybrid tulips in containers and raised beds. I change them every year, throwing out the old bulbs (much to the horror of anyone who hears this). C'mon guys, the bulbs are pretty cheap and I get bored with looking at the same colors every year. (I would think anyone would be.) But the main reason is my horrible site--it practically takes a jackhammer to get through the multiple tree roots in my front yard. However, I do try to get as many of the small species tulips as I can into the ground. They seem OK, so far--we'll see. The tree roots will probably strangle them before long. Here are the darwin hybrids I planted last fall. They're a little too pastelly, but tall, which is good for the "hellstrip" spot in between sidewalk and street where I have the raised bed.

And another view showing the side tulips.