Next year in Buffalo

Hard to decide what was most impressive about last weekend’s garden blogger’s meet-up in Chicago. About 50 bloggers were in attendance, including many who might be reading this, so I won’t go heavily into details—others have reported on the events before me.

Suffice it to say that we visited several amazing public gardens, including the Botanic, Lurie Gardens, Lincoln Park, and the LP conservatory. Others also visited the Garfield Conservatory and a private garden outside the city. I’ve got a selection of pictures from the various stops here, as well as some from two charming private gardens: chef Rick Bayless’s and Chicago artist/blogger Carolyn Gail's. I think I loved Friday’s trip to the Botanic Gardens and Saturday’s walk around the Caldwell Lily Pool the best. Though the purple swaths at the Lurie were nearly everyone’s favorite, I think I preferred exploring gardens where surprises lurked around every corner.

It was delightful to spend more time with bloggers I barely got to speak with in Austin, and I met a few I had never seen face to face. While I don’t know where I’ll meet up with them in 2011, I do know where we’ll see each other in 2010. Buffalo! Yikes. While Buffalo cannot equal the spectacular public spaces we saw in Chicago, I am confident that we can pull together a great visit built around private gardens. Anyway, I know it will be fun.

No dates yet, but we’ll be cementing some details soon. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who made last weekend’s get-together as wonderful as it was. I hope to see many of the people shown in these images at the GWA conference in Raleigh this September.

And, say, Heather's comment gave me an idea. Got some ideas for the Buffalo event? Comments? Suggestions? Drop 'em here.


I'm glad it's going to be Buffalo next year and I hope it's later in the summer. It is almost impossible for me to get away in May/June with work responsibilities.
beckie said…
It was a real treat to meet so many wonderful gardeners at SF. And I am thrilled to know we have a destination for next year as well. I would like to see a talk or two-attracting butterflies and bees, propogating perennials, etc.
Amy G. said…
Wow, that is great! I hope that I will be able to contribute somehow next year. Count me in!
Carol Michel said…
I'm looking forward to Buffalo. I'll have to think of suggestions and send you an email.
It was great meeting you Elizabeth. I will look forward to the Buffalo SF. I really like the idea of seeing private gardens. The public gardens can be viewed most anytime while private gardens are truly the jewels of the city brought out upon the special occasion of Spring Fling.
Layanee said…
Chicago was great and Buffalo will be fab! You have some wonderful people pictures.
From everything I've heard, Gina, GardenGirl, Carolyn Gail, LakeChicagoShores and MrBrownThumb all put together an amazing weekend. Wish I could have made it. Sounds like a tough act to follow :-)
Frances said…
Hi Elizabeth, it was great to visit with you and discuss the need for elevators! HA I second Beckie's wish for butterfly talks. We went to the butterfly house at Lincoln Park, missing the wonderful pond renovation, but we did have an intimate moment with the flying flowers. Buffalo as the site will allow some of the Canadian bloggers to attend I hope. I know you will do a fabulous job putting it together.
Great to meet you and everyone. I have been fantasizing about how Brooklyn could host a Fling, but that would be a few years off. I'd like to see something on the left coast in the intervening year.

Already looking forward to next Spring, not least because I think I can persuade Blog Widow to join me in Buffalo, if not the gardeney-bloggy bits.
I would love to shuffle up to Buffalo.
It was great seeing you again. I wish we had more time to just hang out. I second the request for more private gardens and more talks.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I can confirm that Elizabeth is a great hostess and works well with limited resources. The abundance of private gardens in Buffalo means the Spring Fling committee won't have the latter problem! I think I'd prefer for Fling not be held during the famous Garden Walk weekend: the crowds there would make it harder for 1st time Flingers to know who's a fellow blogger & who's not!

I enjoyed the wine and conversation after official Fling hours ... Bar 423 was the place to be! Thank you!
Helen said…
Yes, so excited about the idea of Buffalo. Bring it on.
Pam/Digging said…
Thanks for stepping up to host next year, Elizabeth. I'm thrilled to see Spring Fling continue, and the variety of hosting cities and regions means each event will be unique and offer something new for attendees.

Personally, I would love to see an afternoon or evening dedicated to specific blogging topics, with discussion leaders. Some of us had interesting impromptu discussions in the hotel lounge in Chicago, and the blogging discussions led by Carol and Kathy at Spring Fling Austin were consistently mentioned by attendees as their favorite part of the weekend.

Of course, it's not possible to do everything, and I'm sure you'll squeeze in as much as you can. Buffalo will be fun--can't wait.
susan harris said…
Just so everyone knows, Eliz and Jim are awesome, experienced organizers who know everyone in the city, Buffalo has TONS of fabulous private gardens, and there's no doubt about whether SF2010 will be terrific.
Possible topics for panel discussion and/or breakout session:

* Blogger/blogging ethics
* Creative content, copyright, licensing and fair use
* Using multimedia online: photography, audio, video

Each of these were topics of conversation for me at some point during the weekend. I would love to contribute to continuing the conversations.
Gail said…
I have wanted to visit gardens in Buffalo for years and what better way then with gardenbloggers at a Fling! Can't wait to see the city, the gardens and friends! gail
Ramble on Rose said…
Thanks for volunteering to put SF2010 together! Private gardens, discussions, it sounds like it'll be fabulous!
Yes to private gardens! Yes to more conversation, panels, blogging demos etc. I'd especially be interested in video. Also I would not mind if it was a bit later in the year as it was hard to leave my garden at a time when it was at its best. And, of course, we do all want to see your garden and Jim's in person. I'm coming early so I can go to Schwabel's for beef on weck!
Rose said…
Elizabeth, it was great to meet you this weekend! And what a weekend it was--so much to see and do that I am appreciating visiting other blogs to see some things I missed. Thank you for agreeing to host next year's Spring Fling in Buffalo. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to compete with Chicago or Austin. I think a gathering of gardeners insures that there will always be plenty of good conversation!

And thanks for the tip on your name--I read that post, and now I understand completely!
O.I.M said…
buffalo, hurray! that's within striking distance for me here in toronto. looking forward to details.
EAL said…
Thanks everyone. Keep those ideas coming. I will also be contacting all the attendees of the previous flings via email for input and to give updates, as I know not everyone will see this post.
garden girl said…
It was great to meet you in Chicago Elizabeth! I'm sure Buffalo will be a great place for next year's fling, and how great to have organizers who have lots of experience with setting up garden tours! Should be a piece of cake for you guys. The sponsors are lining up already for you.
Elizabeth, I enjoyed meeting you and wish you luck with next year's fling. Private gardens would be great as would the ability to project from a laptop and discuss different blogging topics. I'll think of some other ideas and look forward to your email.
chuck b. said…
Chicago looks like a hard act to follow! I should very much like to get my act together some day and attend a Spring Fling.
Kathy said…
I second the comment: please not on Garden Walk weekend. Heh, and having said that, good luck finding a date that will make everyone happy.

I will help any way I can.
EAL said…
Well, you can't make everybody happy; I don't expect that. But I do hope you'll be here to enjoy whatever we do, Kathy; that is the main way I hope you will help!
Lovely to see you again Eliz. Nothing like hanging out with one's friends. Thanks for the book. I devoured it and laughed all the way to St. Louis. Charming and funny just like you. See you in Buffalo in 2010.~~Dee
Unknown said…
Yes, I wish I could have made it to Chicago...and hope that I'll make it to Buffalo. Right now I'm just sort of doing the 'cope with one week at a time' routine.

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