Sunday, December 04, 2005

Posting will be light, but it will continue!

Yeah, it’s 20 something degrees out, the ground is a little bit white (barely covering the disgusting soggy leaves we never raked) and I haven’t touched spade to ground since late September. But that’s not really why I haven’t updated this blog for over a month. It’s mainly the mounting weight of procrastination, which, as all you procrastinators out there know, becomes heavier and more difficult to overcome with each passing day.

Ok, gardening. Hmmm. Actually, this is a big season for plants. It's the only time of year I really appreciate evergreens; during the summer, they’re just a tall/short/round/pointy green backdrop that you see around. Now, though, I find myself examining and appreciating the different types of needles, leaves, and colors: bright green, gray green, brownish green, yellow green. I enjoy sorting through them and disposing them around the house. God knows they last longer than most cut flowers. And I love holly. Holly rocks. Wish I could grow some, but I content myself with buying cut holly and maybe little holly plants that I can easily kill within a few weeks or so. In the meantime, the little sharp bicolored leaves and berries are fantastic.

But poinsettias. There were about four loaded displays of these at Wegman’s today, and each one was uglier than the next. Why do people like these? Why did a whole huge show of them at the Botanical Gardens open today? They all look the same; OK, some are red, some are white, some are green, who cares.

Back to good stuff: in a few weeks, I will be able to bring out my hyacinth pots and vases, so they can bloom. More on that later.

This isn’t holly, but it’s an nice tree with berries we saw on a walk a while back.

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Mr. Fleez said...

As a housecat I don't know too terribly much about trees. I do, however, have access to more than a few humans, one of which happens to be a tree person. (She was raised on an orchard.) Anyway, I thought you might like to know that the "nice tree with berries" mentioned here is actually called a Mountain Ash. She said it was difficult to tell for sure because of the size of the picture, but she's as close to certain as one can be over the net.

Loved the blog; I'm sure we'll drop in again. Purrhaps you can check mine out sometime.

Yours Purringly, W.C. Humphries (Mr. Fleas for short.)