Sunday, February 12, 2006

Office flowers

It’s been fun to watch the various progress of the hyacinths I potted in the fall and gave out at Christmas. Of course I’m just a little peeved that Brent and Becky’s sent me another purple hyacinth instead of the pink Chestnut Flower I had ordered. I think it must be Blue Magic or something. Good thing I’m documenting these orders here. So now I’m seeing lighter purple and dark blue coming up instead of the pale pink and dark blue I had planned.

Maybe I can get them to send me a banana plant as a make-good. I’m very intent on having more tropicals outside this year.

Anyway, my office mates are having dramatically different degrees of success with their hyacinths. I was perturbed that many people were keeping the plants in their cubes to begin with. (I consider the corporate environment to be antithetical to all but the philodendrum and its boring ilk.)

But many are coming up, and people seem happy. Of course, they don’t quite get that the plants will die and that watering won’t bring it back. And a few, sadly, seem stunted, where the blooms aren’t over the leaves. But I’d say that it was pretty successful.




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