Saturday, March 15, 2008

Forcing season, part II

This has been a long one: I started with tazettas in December and here I am with tulips, cherry blossoms, and still a few hyacinths in mid-March. The tulips just started showing color a few days ago (a few are not quite there yet, as you see above) and the cherry buds are starting to pop. I brought the branches in in February—in fact, I think it’s noted a few posts down.

Sadly, our housesitter will be enjoying most of this show, as we leave for Sicily Monday. I hope to come back with plenty of great wildflower pics, as they should be in full swing there. Look for continued (prewritten) posting on Garden Rant, but I think GWI will be hiatus until we return.

Oh, btw, no action outside! I know snowdrops are there somewhere, but the thaw has just started,


Gail said...

The only forcing I have tried is forsythia and that takes no work...

Looking forward to the wildflower show when you return from Sicily.... Sicily, that sounds wonderful.

clay and limestone

Carol said...

Timing is everything. isn't it? I hate when I have to leave my garden at its peak. But Sicily? Might be worth it!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have a blast girl. Take copious notes and pictures for each note. Will look forward to reading and seeing all about your trip. ENJOY

EAL said...

Well, we are just talking about a few pots of bulbs—not what I'd term a peak!

But I never mind leaving. Vacations are always worth it.

Thanks Lisa! All the guidebooks talk about it so I am hoping I won't be disappointed.

kate said...

I hope your trip is a wonderful one. I'm going to enjoy seeing your photographs when you return.

That's a good gift to leave for your housesitter. Your forcing efforts this winter have been successful.

Bon voyage !

Leslie said...

I'm really looking forward to posts about Sicily...buon viaggio!

lisa said...

Wow...enjoy! The trip is well worth it!

Layanee said...

Have a great time!