Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blooming under the drop cloths

Roofers in the fall, painters in the spring. Ah, the good life. Actually, I am very excited about getting our flaking, shabby house scraped and painted. They’re also going to paint all the wooden steps and—hell, I don’t know anyone else who has these so I don’t know what to call them—the garden enclosures? Essex green. The painted red brick is being repainted red, and the black trim repainted black.

However, the plants, as usual, are getting the worst of it. The viburnum (top) has been lassoed and pulled away from the wall. The lilies are all kind of bent over from being covered by a tarp. Containers are where they shouldn’t be. Oh well, should be over in a few days.

So. Blooming. I still have the single late tulips, the acuminatas (previously posted upon), the clusianas (ditto), the batalini "Bronze Charm (shown here)," and, just coming up, the bakari “Lilac Wonder.” I still have the hellebores. The viburnum, in spite of its travail, is coming into bloom, as is the sweet woodruff. Geranium macrorrhyzum (below) is making its appearance, and I have tons of lamium in bloom. The GWI garden is not a late spring or even early summer garden; I lack iris, peonies, and many of the other favorites of the early season. But I will have some columbine and some early roses. Just not yet.


Carol said...

"Under drop cloths" is certainly a challenging condition to add to the challenges of Buffalo. But it sounds like the house will be a nice backdrop to the garden when it is all finished. And then you can sit back, have a glass or bottle of wine, and wait for your lilies.

Frances, said...

Your flowers are lovely , but save the lilies should be your battle cry.

Frances at Faire Garden

Layanee said...

Painting seems to go on interminably doesn't it? It won't be long before you have a fresh backdrop for all those beauties. My Shasta viburnum is not as far along as your is. You will be all ready for the Buffalo Garden Walk!

Curtis said...

If you wouldn't of said anything about the tarps. Heck, I wouldn't of known it. They are looking great depite the fact they are covered up.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can just hear the painters yelling Yahoooooo as they lassoed your viburnum. I hope all survives.

Kathy said...

You've just convinced me: I need to plant more species tulips. I have 'Lilac Wonder' and it does fine for me.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... even under those trying conditions, your doublefile is beating the heck out of mine in the bloom department. It looks wonderful!

So those... "garden enclosures"... can we see pics? Are they already posted elsewhere?

Bonnie said...

Wow, I'd say those flowers are strong buggers to be looking so good and having such a challenging environment.

EAL said...

Kim, this viburnum is awesome, and I must add that it is almost in complete shade. I do hope you are coming for Garden Walk--then you can see how much shade I have to deal with, as well as the GW stuff. Layanee, this means you too!

As for the enclosures, they are not special, but they are handmade by the previous owners. I think overhead shots of the garden I have on the Flickr show them. But I will post new shots--the new stain job looks great, I think.

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