Friday, January 29, 2010

On the anniversary of ‘77

Some of you may be familiar with the Blizzard of ’77; it buried Buffalo and most of Western New York under drifts 30’ and better of snow. The interesting fact about this storm is that only about a foot of snow actually fell. The blowing and drifting are what wreaked all the havoc. This event is what has largely branded Buffalo as a snow capitol, about thirty-three years ago.

Whatever. The way I celebrate such anniversaries is to visit our Botanical Gardens and grow flowers indoors. Here are a few hyacinths: some Prince of Love (pink) and some Crystal Palace (blue).

I have other flowers growing indoors now, but these are my favorites. I keep them in my office at work, and wherever I can at home.


Kathy said...

Was that 30 inches or 30 feet?

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

We had lots of snow here that January, too. I got stranded in Ft. Wayne while in college and had to watch a couple of nights of the "Roots" mini-series at my aunt and uncles, where I stayed until I could get back home.

Seeing yours and everyone else's hyacinths make me wish I'd gotten some for forcing. Bet it smells good there!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Well, Eliz, if it's any comfort--we're being pounded here in Nova Scotia. Pounded. It's been snowing like a lunatic for about 24 hours now and the wind wound itself up about 18 hours ago and is still screaming like a banshee. Granted, I live on the ocean so it gets rowdy here, but this is the first real weather tantrum of this winter. I don't remember the storm of 77--I was in college in Truro, NS and I don't think we had much snow that winter at all--but we had a dilly called White Juan in the winter of 2004 that brought everything to a halt here for a couple of days. So long as all are safe and warm, I don't mind the occasional winter storm. Occasional.
My hyacinths are doing brilliantly at keeping me from going too stir crazy, I must say. Just waiting for City of Haarlam to open and join the others that are blooming.

Carol said...

We had the "Blizzard of '78" here, which shut down Purdue, where I was at, for several days. Brrrr... let that be my once in a lifetime blizzard.

I adore those hyacinths, too, and mine are blooming right on schedule. They sure brighten a room in the winter time.

Darla said...

We don't know as much about snow as we so hurricanes...why in the world don't I force bulbs inside?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I believe that storm went through here too. I missed a day of work trying to dig out my car. Then gave up the digging. They (work) sent someone for me. Ha... Love the hyacinths. I can almost smell them.

EAL said...

Yeah, City of Haarlem is slower. It's interesting; even forced, each type is different. My favorite this year is Prince of Love, a pink double that is not billed as a multi-flowering, but does, a bit.

Rose said...

To this day, when I hear about the city of Buffalo, that is what I think of. The late '70's brought such horrible snowstorms to our part of the Midwest, too, and I still remember being huddled with my two boys in a freezing house because the power had gone out. And yet as cold and snowy as we were, the news always showed us some place worse--Buffalo, N.Y.:)

The hyacinths are so cheery--love those blue vases!

Jean said...

I didn't realize that's how Buffalo got its reputation although I do remember the snowstorm. Nice way to celebrate such an anniversary.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Did you know that during that storm a ventilator blew open at the cactus house at the South Park Botanical Garden, and snow got inside and destroyed all the cacti? I have a photo of it in my copy of "Buffalo Buried," a little book about the storm.

Anonymous said...

Are the ones you grow indoors aromatic as what's outside in spring?

I lived in Hamburg one year, experienced one winter of their snow. Left.

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Shawna Lee Coronado said...

Gorgeous hints of spring. It puts me in mind of last years Garden Bloggers convention in Chicago, I brought your "Gardening While Intoxicated" business card home and promptly set my cocktail on it - I raised a glass to you then, and of course, I raise a glass to you now.

Oh how I miss spring....


Rachael said...

first sign of spring i go get a hyacinth to just, ahh...smell!