Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My submission for the plant doctors

This week on Garden Rant, I have asked readers to send in their plant problems so that the writers of What’s Wrong With My Plant can diagnose them. Check it out.

And I thought I’d start it off with (one of) my own problems—some weird growths/discolorations I’ve noticed on my wisteria.

Not a biggie; I mean, how do you kill a wisteria. But still, it is funny-looking


Darla said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Maybe a limb is dying.

Jean said...

Looks kind of like lichens. Is it stressed?

Frank Hyman said...

Looks like the interior of the vine has a fungus and it's coming out to the surface to throw some spores around. If there's a fungus inside, it means that some of the heartwood is deteriorating. In a tree that would mean it could snap off in a storm as the heartwood (which are dead cells in a healthy tree) is like the skeleton. In a vine it's not so big a problem. Will just make the vine easier to tear down if you're so inclined, which you're probably not.

Not worth worrying about or doing anything about. The source of the problem is probably some surface damage to the bark which let the fungus inside.

Have a cold one and enjoy the changes in fungus colors when it gets wet from the rain.

Frank Hyman
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