Saturday, September 04, 2010

Keeping the drama

Late summer perennials are all very well, but I find that focusing on all-season foliage and sturdy annuals is what really gets me through August and September. Even so, I have been getting better at planning some late summer action in the perennial line.

Here’s what I am excited about.

Gentian! These are very interesting plants. I am hoping their pretty blue capsules will hang on until the nearby dwarf plumbago (ceratostigma) produces its star-shaped flowers.

Sweet Autumn Clematis! I lost this when we put in the pond, but I planted some around a side trellis and it is doing splendidly. It’s also better placed here, where it provides much-needed scent and blooms in a prominent location.

Weeds! I love fall weeds. I have a statuesque pokeweed maturing in the front and some seeded wild asters—could be the fleabane or bushy types.

Otherwise, I give high marks to the heliopsis, which has been going strong for 2 months and all my lovely colocasia, some of which are finally showing their variegations. This slowness to display variegation is my only complaint.

But I’ll have many more when the garden really starts to go downhill. But by then I’ll be potting up bulbs and won’t care too much.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My autumn clematis is also blooming. It smells so good too. Not much else is blooming. Lots of buds just waiting for some rain.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Beautiful pics... love the elephant ears.

Sue Miller said...

I have a beautiful Pokeweed in my backyard too but, I have been pulling them all summer both at work and at home. Be careful, it's poisonous (to us, not the birds)

Anonymous said...

My Autumn Clemitis is just starting to bloom, but the poor thing is getting overrun with non-flowering Ipomoea. It always had to compete with the trumpet vine, but is so sad now in competition with the Morning Glory. I like weeds at this time of year as well. The elephant's ear is great. Love those giant leaves.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for weeds, Elizabeth! So many are at peak during fall, to join in with the foliage changing. Ironweed, Vernonia of all types and sizes, is having a spectacular year in fields, roadsides and gardens. Bulb time approaches. :-)

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

I am sad. I had a bunch of weedy western aster in a border between me and my neighbor that were going to bloom and he pulled them all out last week! Couldn't he have waited until after they bloomed?

RSA Certificate said...

Yay for gentians! Favorite flower :) I love your garden!