Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flower of the Day

For some time, I have been at a loss about how to invigorate this blog. I already post weekly on another, much more widely read blog, and—to be honest—the task of writing for this blog had become onerous. At best. How many blogs does one person need?

Indeed, in these days of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, do we need blogs at all? Maybe we don’t. But blogs are not really about need or readership. They just exist. This blog exists, and in order to keep it that way, I’ve decided to turn it into a project, namely the flower of a day project.

Today’s flower is a hellebore. A fancy one.


Flâneur Gardener said...

I'm quite in love with the diary-like aspects of blogs. Sure, other social media might be taking the lead these days, but I like the longer format of a blog post; the fact that the blogger sits down and strings together words in a more or less coherent narrative. I don't see many other web 2.0 formats that deliver that sort of experience - or are that heavy on the word side.

In some ways it's like an old-school diary, and though we're certainly not Peepys I still like to think that most of us - at one time or another - manage to create some pieces of original writing that's worth a reader's time, or at least our own time to write it. The longer format makes a blog post something you "sit down to write", whereas facebook, twitter et al. seems more designed to be used "on the go".

BrandonMoeller said...

I RSS many gardening blogs - including this one, and love how the medium allows the writer to do what they want with it. Want to go long? Easy. Want to just post photos with no captions? Easy. Want to make it even more complicated? You can do that, too. I'm looking forward to this new project, and the simpler posts of a flower a day!

chris m. said...

Blogs are a great relief for me. At the end of a busy day I really love sitting down and reading what other gardeners are doing. It's like a chat with another gardener where I get a chance to think about someone else's garden instead of my own!
Whatever you write ...it'll be interesting. It always is.