A pretty weed, ID'd.

After pulling bales of this out of my garden a few years back, I encountered it again in a charming garden on Euclid, in Lockport. It's part of Lockport in Bloom. (No linkie from this mobile post.)

It looks great here, and I discovered its name: commelina communis (Asian Dayflower).

You've seen it everywhere, I bet, but it rarely looks as nice as this.


Cindy, MCOK said…
Funny, I saw that blooming on the roadside here just last week. It's such a gorgeous shade of blue ... but I know better than to allow it in my garden beds! I'll continue to enjoy it from a distance.
Dear Elizabeth:

Svitlana and I wanted to take this (belated) opportunity to thank everyone for the wonderful garden tour and tour of Buffalo.

We absolutely enjoyed and were thrilled to see the wonderful gardens and your beautiful city.

In fact, partially as a result of your tour, we are currently looking for homes in the very area we toured (near the museum and golf course) and are planning to relocate to Buffalo...so you see, no good deed goes unrewarded!

Thanks again for the excellent excursion.

Looking forward (hopefully) to joining the Buffalo gardening community soon. We love your blog!

Howard & Svitlana
EAL said…
Thanks Howard! How exciting--I look forward to 2 more dedicated gardeners like you guys taking up residence here!

Hope to see you soon.
Gail said…
The blue of the Asian Dayflower bloom is stunning...gail
Carol Bradford said…
It's been up in Ontario for years. Maybe just jumped the border? Truly a beautiful color. I'm not sure how it got to be considered such a weed but I suppose we'll find out.
Thanks again for welcoming me to Buffalo.
Blumgarden said…
Thank you for sharing your blogspot. It was most interesting. I appreciate you mentioning my garden plant...(Asian Dayflower). I had no idea it was invasive~ Been in this same spot for 15yrs.
C. C. said…
I've been wondering forEVER what that beautiful weed is. Thank you!

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