Flowers in the snow

I always thought the Christmas-blooming hellebores were a myth—something that only happens in England or in much warmer zones.  But it’s early January and I have flowers in full bloom in the front yard. Not such a common occurrence in Buffalo. This must be one of the helleborus niger variety, which really does flower in the depths of winter. I guess it would have been flowering under the snow, if there were any.

Also up, if more expected: snowdrops.  I was never one to care much about "winter interest," which usually means evergreens, seedheads, and sculptural grasses. When it's cold outside, I'm inside. But 50 or better temps with flowers? That's interesting.


Barry Parker said…
Hi Elizabeth,
I've made a similar post on my blog and like you I'm enjoying H. niger 'Praecox' in bloom since November and still going strong.
Carol Michel said…
It has been an unusual winter so far.
LostRoses said…
Nice, Elizabeth! Seriously, flowers blooming in January? Makes me realize it really is time to take down the Christmas tree. I agree with the "winter interest" thing - I don't think I set foot in the yard and garden from November through April.

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