Wednesday, April 13, 2005

First in the ground

Last weekend, I put a flat and and a half of violas in the front—the first planting of the season. Hopefully, they will hold up through June, anyway.

And here's a great new garden site I stumbled onto: Dave's Garden
It has an excellent rating section for mail order vendors (replacing the unfortunately defunct mail order FAQ), user forums, an interesting journal section, free registration, and very few ads. Perhaps not a replacement for Gardenweb but the journal thing seems kinda cool. You can keep track of everything you planted and when it died.

1 comment:

eabigelow said...


thank you for sharing the story of your first planting.

it reassures all of us (particularly those of us in the northern climes) that spring is finally here!

best of luck with your blog, and if you fall down drunk, let it be in a lovely smelling garden!