Monday, January 16, 2006

Dreaming of the tropics

Probably because this is the houseplant season and partially because I visited the Botanical Gardens yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about tropical or upper-zone plants, especially fragrant ones. Normally used indoors, especially by those lucky enough to have greenhouses, these really work well in the WNY outdoor garden, though you have to save them somewhere during the winter. I know one gardening acquaintance whose garden is made up almost entirely of citrus, jasmines, bananas, agapanthus, and other non-hardy and semi-exotic choices.

And now I’ve found an online vendor, highly rated by Garden Watchdog, that is surely the motherlode for exotic plants. There are 16 types of jasmines, about 20 hoya cultivars, clivia, banana, carnivorous plants (if that’s what you’re into) and many others, including some quite bizarre varieties (see below). It’s Logees, and something tells me I’m going to be spending a considerable chunk of my garden budget there this year. I’d love to add some citrus and fragrant tropicals to the patio, though I’m not sure where I’ll put this stuff over the winter.

Here are some images from the site—actually I'm only interested in one of these, but they give an idea of the unique nature of their offerings.

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