Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gardening resolutions for 2006

We all know that resolutions are bullshit, but as these are not aimed at improving my personal appearance or becoming a better person, I think there might be some hope.

1. I will have a pond. It will have rocks, plants, and fish. I will heed this quote from literary gardening guru Beverley Nichols:
“…I take this opportunity of reminding the reader that every garden must begin with water in some shape or form even if it is only a pool two feet square sunk into a little concrete terrace. If this reader’s retort is ‘In that case I haven’t got a garden at all because I haven’t got any water in it,’ my reply is, ‘Quite. You haven’t got a garden.’”

2. I will spend less than $500 on plants.

3. I will spend less than $500 on bulbs.

4. I will consider making compost. Maybe.

5. I will attempt to cultivate, once again, the sunny strip between the garage and next door.

6. I will finally dig up and rearrange the hosta bed.

Ok, that’s it.

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