Friday, May 19, 2006

I cause trouble

And here.

This is what I said: I commented that Voices seemed mainly to consist of “people showing off their gardens which is cool” (emphasis mine). Actually, I think that’s the purpose of Garden Voices. Which is fine. Previously on Gardenweb, which I have been reading for about seven years at least, posters struggled to include images with their commentary, in order to illustrate certain design problems they were having, or particular plants they wanted to identify. Putting up images was harder then, and most of the threads were all text. Now, with the wonderful world of image-friendly blogs, we can show our gardens in full, living color, not just talk about them. How fabulous is that?

But I must say, my favorite Gardenweb thread, and one that remains my favorite over any lavishly illustrated blog, is the “All-Ugly” thread. It was a long, long series of posts, where each poster made their contribution, describing what their ideal trashy Southern front yard would look like. Offensive? You betcha! Hilarious? I would say so. The planters made out of painted tires; the ragged canna; the rusted toilets, washing machines, and pick-ups that had become garden objets; the dogs running circles in the bare earth around a tree that had been wacked with the lawnmower too many times…well, I can’t reproduce it here. But as each post appeared, the aggregate of the thing is what made it work. And it was all text.

Everyone uses blogs for a different purpose. For me, it’s an exercise—and fun. I try to limit the images because I prefer words, and I feel funny about making it seem as though my garden is anything much. Because it isn’t. I’m just not that good. I love plants, and I love gardening, but I’ll never have the skill and design sense of such gardeners as the ones I blogged about here. Though I will take any opportunity this blog affords to make my garden look way better than it is. So, there you have it. I'm a show-off. Guilty as charged.

Now, let’s have a drink! It is Friday, after all.


TraceyF said...

No trouble caused, you actually made me think "why" I was doing this, and why I am enjoying reading about everyone elses garden.. So actually, Thank you. I post many pictures for a chronical of what bloomed when, and where the plant did its best. To me, the pictures encapture me because the blooms will fade.

Takoma Gardener said...

Hi. I'm so glad Amy Stewart led me to you, the blogger whose title I covet the most. Damn!
Anyway, the thread about ugly stuff sounds so fabulous, doesn't it deserve to be illustrated? I want to see all those tacky illustrations! My own contribution can be found in my "Culture" category, the very first entry - a toilet-planting contest at the county fair. Your newest reader, Susan

Naturegirl said...

I see that you LOVE to write! :) Great sense of humor! First time here.Perhaps one day I will write a post on blogging..just started a few months ago.

Karen said...

It was a big surprise to me that anybody (especially Amy Stuart) was paying attention to what I wrote. (I thought everyone was only visiting my blog to look at the pictures, you know?) I didn't mean to centre you out. When I quoted you, I was careful to include the three words you emphasized, because I knew they were important.