Sunday, May 07, 2006

A match made in coleus heaven

The literal intoxication did not start until later, but we all felt a bit tipsy watching Sandra and Jack get married at the Botanical Gardens today. What an incredible setting and what a very sweet (and mercifully short) ceremony.

The place is always under construction, but then there’s always something new to see. I honestly felt the only thing missing today was the opportunity to drink champagne while wandering through the flowers. What’s on now: the coleus show, largely confined to a mural-decorated room off the Palm Dome. This is where Jack and Sandra had their ceremony. Many in attendance said they hadn’t been to the BG in years; I felt sorry. It’s truly one of the area’s top assets (especially in winter, as I’ve posted here before).

Afterwards we attended an equally intimate and friendly reception at their Arts and Crafts home in Parkside. The wine: Spanish, including an inexpensive but good red I’ve a had a few times before and a nice cava. We gave them—what else?—a plant stand and plants.

Buena ventura, Jack and Sandra!

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