Friday, June 09, 2006

I am…a violet?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love violets, and pansies for that matter, but I have to conclude that something is seriously amiss with the “What flower are you?” quiz posted by This Garden is Illegal. (Ah, a blog name after my own heart. Though I’m not sure it actually is illegal.)

Some of the questions seem relevant, others are vaguely annoying, and still others seem to require more options or perhaps an n/a. In other words, it’s like all these silly quizzes, just for fun. I toyed with pasting the result into my blogger template, but the words “I am a Violet” were rather large in the preview, and I wasn’t sure I’d want to see that all the time. Or that others should. But by all means, use the link above, and check this out. I couldn't resist.

Clearly, I’m not a violet. I don’t know what I am—most likely, some kind of indiscriminate weed.


Annie in Austin said...

I turned out to be a Snapdragon, myself, which was somewhat disappointing. I had hopes of being a lily .... or at least something perennial and a little taller!

It was cool to guess right on your mystery plant, and I just love the name of your blog.

Carol said...

I turned out to be a canna. Dig me up in the fall to protect me from frost, please! I googled to see more quizzes and I am also a dandelion and a rose.

Molly said...

could have been worse. it claims I am a Petunia!
I hate petunias. common. vulgar. I. Am. So. Offended.

Kaitlin said...

I am a violet too. This is my first visit to your blog but looks like I should stick around...

A. Marina Fournier said...

A nigella? Hasn't someone else got that name? Yes, I'm quirky, so nu?

Can't I at least be a fancy daffodil/narcissus? A Parrot or Rembrandt tulip? A papaver somniferium, such as Annie's Annuals sell? Heartsease? Wintersweet or daphne odora?

oh, well.