Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tearing myself away

Why do I do it? Every summer, just as the first trumpet lilies are popping, as the martagons come into bloom, as the annuals are finally filling out, and as countless other growing things need my full attention, I leave for almost two weeks.

This is so wrong. But it happens every year because, for reasons wholly unrelated to the garden, we must take a vacation in the summer. And it must be now, just as the beautiful weather begins, and I would be able to sit outside every day after work, sipping, reading, and getting up to deadhead or restake every few minutes. (Having a garden full of oriental lilies means constant tying, staking and splinting. Pathetic really.)

Sure, the guy comes every day to water. Invariably he ignores a container or two and then acts all innocent when I come home to the casualties. And the weeds. And the unchecked insect incursions.

Most of all, I mind the gap in the timeline. Gardens change every day, sometimes dramatically and half the fun is watching the changes unfold. This is especially true in a short season like Buffalo’s. A lot can happen in ten days.

Who knows what will greet me upon my return.


LostRoses said...

I sympathize. I refuse to "vacation" in the summer. Vacation from what? Enjoying my garden? Vacation should be a beach in Mexico in February while the wind and snow is blowing at home and my plants are asleep (or dead, as the case may be.)

Annie in Austin said...

You have my sympathy, too! When we lived in Illinoism my husband's company mandated all vacations for the first 2 weeks of July. It was that way for nearly 20 years. We'd pull in the drive, then go check the garden and grab handfuls of raspberries before we unloaded the car, sometimes using a flashlight. Our kids thought we were nuts, but now they don't want to leave their tomatoes and lilies, either!

Miss Canthus said...

Lostroses said it perfectly!!

Stuart said...

I know exactly how you feel. As much as I love to vacation away, I know that when I come back the reticulation will have failed, it will be the hottest week on record since 1936, and there's been a plague of locusts through my garden - that inadvertently missed the neighbours.

Lostroses has it down pat. I guess I'll plan my next set of holidays when my garden's on vacation too.