Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flag rant follow-up and then I’ll shut up about it

Gee, I wish I could get that many comments on this blog! Just kidding—but I was reading through the comments and I’d like to respond to a few:

1. Yes, I totally agree that there are far more loathsome front yard displays in store for us in the months ahead than flags. Somehow, I don’t mind the Halloween stuff as much, especially if it’s really ghoulish. There’s something kind of subversive about it. In fact, we at GWI like to fly the Jolly Roger (the only flag we ever fly) and hang a skeleton from the eaves for the week of Halloween. I don't much mind the hay, pumpkins, and other harvest-related stuff. During Christmas—oh sorry, the holidays—our block puts electric candles in the windows. You barely notice them—rather boring, in fact.

I must admit I like to get in the car to tour the pull-out-the-stops, guns-ablazing insanity. The ones where you can’t say anything but “Holy shit!”

2. I would also endorse the belief that the cutesy flags with various kitsch on them are even worse.

3. Yes, the picture I included is rather attractive even with all the flags. It was taken by our Garden Walk book photographer Don Zinteck and will be included in the book. A pro like Don can make pretty much anything look good.

4. The ones on cars?? Don’t get me started.

Ok, all done. I have to go kick some puppies and kittens now.


snappy said...

Congrats on generating more comments than any other writer,hee hee.Flags here were hoisted up for the world cup.England St Georges cross.Here local councils TRIED to ban them, saying it would upset non-english people.Needless to say they were the best selling England Item during the world cup.I would not use it in the garden though.Most were draped out of windows and down brickwork.
I have had a few posts with about ten comments, long way from the 25 i saw today!

Annie in Austin said...

You really had things kicking at Garden Rant, EAL! Congratulations!

Snappy, that's very interesting about the flags in England.


Takoma Gardener said...

Yes, you broke the comment record at the Rant, besting even the discussion of stealing content from bloggers. And your post seemed SO innocent on first reading, not like you were kicking puppies at all. And I'm very attuned to puppy-kicking, ya know. Susan

lisa said...

Yea...flags with cute designs suck almost as much as dressed-up concrete geese! As much as gnomes freak me out, though, I can't say they actually suck...after all, they may lay the voodoo on me or burn my retinas! But flags and geese, well, screw em', I say!