Friday, October 27, 2006

More tree badness

Well, I wasn't going to harp on about Western New York trees any longer, but the situation has become alarming. I'm hearing rumors that out-of-town contractors are making instantaneous decisions from their bucket lifts about which trees should stay or go. I'm hearing that the contractors actually get paid more to remove a tree than to trim it. I'm hearing that they are leaving the tree remains lying there when they're done.

It's all very disturbing and impelled me to send out a semi-hysterical email on a local listerv. Re-reading it, I was embarrassed, but then there was a reply from one of the connected types who reads this listserv that many others had been complaining and a moratorium on tree removal has been imposed today.

Thank god! Sure, I've complained about my Norway maples, but this is going way too far. I guess some tree maintenance companies love taking down trees as much as some housing inspectors love writing demolition orders.

I'm going outside to hug the maples right after I post this.

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Kathy said...

Huh. Out of town contractors don't have to live with the results--or the hue and cry. I doubt they care if the trees are taken down or trimmed, and would have been glad to trim if that had paid better. And all it really takes is one shoddy character looking to make quick money to give them all a bad name that most of them don't deserve.