Friday, December 08, 2006

Leafy gifts

I've seen a lot of book and tool lists as bloggers put forward their holiday gift suggestions. I hadn't really thought much about this—indeed, my gift ideas had been falling in the "I" side of GWI—but while recently cruising the shelves of a local gift shop, I couldn't help but be struck by an interesting observation.

At least half if not more of the pottery and silver trays, vases, plates, and pitchers used floral, leaf, or branch shapes. Even the tall white ceramic pitcher we eventually chose as a wedding gift was constructed from overlapping leaf forms. I like the idea of seeing and using natural forms all year round, and I think items such as these would be great gifts for gardeners.

Unfortunately, only my shots of the silver objects came out, but you get the idea.

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

Forget about buying those for other people... I want most of those for myself!!! :)