Friday, January 12, 2007

January is gardening season in magazine-land

Last year's cover

On the one hand, it’s my favorite issue. On the other hand, it’s hard to get writers in the gardening mood when we’re just beginning to enter the grim, gray days of WNY winter. Nonetheless, this is when we start to produce it, and I think we have some fun topics lined up, including:

•Alternatives to lawns. This is widely discussed throughout the gardening blogosphere, but the idea is only beginning to make headway in Buffalo—mostly in the city. We hope to cover wildflower meadows, eco-lawns, and other alternatives.

•Urban Roots. Buffalo’s new gardening co-op, due to open in April. I’ve already written about it here and here.

•What is a landscape designer and when do you need one? Living in a densely-built urban neighborhood, it’s hard for me to imagine this need, but this will be great for those who actually have a landscape to design.

•Solutions for “hellstrips” and other nasty gardening nightmares.

Unfortunately, gardening will not be the cover element as it was last year (we featured a gorgeous banana plant at the Botanical Gardens), but we’ve got some great photography lined up.

So check out Buffalo Spree in April. I will try to put all the gardening content online (not usually done) for the benefit of bloggers.


cityfarmer said...

I collect all of my seeds from the previous years harvest...what would I order...I've never done that.

EAL said...

Well--I assume you're referring to the previous post--many people like to add new plants to the mix.

Personally, I rarely use seeds; the WNY season is far too short. But then, I'm also not that adept a gardener to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggested topic: how to find quality plants native to this area.

Its very difficult to stumble on even basic varities of trillium or peter in the pulpit. Exotics can be fun but native plants always do better in the long run and are better for the critters that share WNY with us.

Informative and entertaing blog. Keep up the good work!!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I'm so jealous that real garden writers are used for these articles. Often, the gardening articles in our local/metro publications are just thinly veiled advertisements for some of the large garden centers. The newest varieties of black-eyed-susans and where you can go to make sure you're ahead of the Johnsons. Yick.

(If you can only post one article, can I request the one on lawn alternatives?!?!)

EAL said...

Actually, we did a story on native plants last year--but I must add that I have very ambivalent feelings about "natives." I feel that we've gone way past the aboriginal conditions where such plants may have thrived. Particularly in urban condition, such as mine.

Having said that, there are some nurseries in the area--canadaway for example--that specialize in natives.