Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ranting with the best of them

Starting tomorrow, I become a regular poster on Garden Rant, a popular garden blog that concentrates on opinions, observations, and the politics of gardening. It was started by three savvy gardeners: Susan Harris, based near Washington, D.C; Michele Owens, of central New York; and Amy Stewart, of California. All three are garden experts and published writers (yes, print, not just blogs).

Where do I fit in? Well, I, too, like to opine on garden-related issues beyond my own little courtyard space, even search out the controversial aspects of the gardening world.

Or let's just say I like to babble away on any outlet that will have me.

This won't be the easiest gig in the world; one of the reasons I'm coming aboard is that Amy Stewart will be off on a book tour throughout February and March (indeed, little does she know that I am trying to arrange a stop in Buffalo!). February and March are not exactly high gardening season here in my Buffalo-based world, so finding topics will take some inspiration and research. If I'm not successful, I'll probably be de-ranted.

I'll let it be a challenge to me and, don't worry, I'll keep babbling away on this blog as well.

(Observant visitors will note that I've completely outed myself—full name, picture, job, etc. I no longer see the point of what was only a token anonymity, particularly since the Garden Ranters provide their information. It seemed to be the appropriate thing to do.)


ericat said...

I am impressed with your blogging. It seems you write like I would talk - easy. I need some links on my blog, would it be possible to exchange links. My blog is on gardening, water saving gardening as I am from south Africa. My blog is on

EAL said...

Hey Ericat--You should send your link to Garden Voices--that will bring your blog to the attention of many other garden bloggers. But be sure to add the .com when you give your link (you didn't in your comment).

JLB said...

Congrats Elizabeth! I look forward to reading your thoughts at the 'Rant. :)

Annie in Austin said...

You'll still be writing here, too, won't you? Finding your posts at two different addresses would be wonderful! Congratulations~

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I'm just a beginner at gardening, so I need all the help I can get. Found a site the I love Kathy, Jardin du jour basics.
with this site and the blogs I might even get good one day.
Betty Beginner

Carol said...

I've enjoyed your blog and your rants... looking forward to your writings on both this year!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Best of luck, Elizabeth! I look forward to seeing you post in both places. :)

(By the way, I kind of giggle at the token anonymity sometimes, too. Especially when I post pictures with my address numbers showing, even though my city/suburb is listed on my profile.)

firefly said...

I'm glad to be able to read your writing in two places now also. Twice now I've seen posts on controversial subjects (the flag post on Garden Rant and the Buffalo forum flame war post on GWI) that managed to express an opinion without drawing fire in comments.

Especially on Garden Rant, that seems a rare gift ;-)

LostRoses said...

Well this is wonderful, Elizabeth. I enjoy your posts and get a kick out of the garden rants too. Keep it up!