Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Incoming is here

So this is what they really look like! Not bad, I say, having received many shipments of live plants where are least one or two were broken, rotten, or just plain dead. I asked for an earlier delivery of these than I should have, because I've found that's necessary when ordering from higher zones (in this case, Connecticut). Better to keep them inside for a few days than receive them when they've been in their pots a bit too long. I might even plant the ones that go into containers now, and place them outside when it's time.

They sent a freebie: columbine leprechaun gold (aquilegia vulgaris vervaeneana), called that not for its purple flowers but for its variegated foliage. Otherwise, all the plants are as ordered, and in very good shape.

The season has officially started: plenty of perennials are coming up, and a few early tulips. Sunday, a beautiful day, we drove along a rural route lined with cobblestone houses from the mid-19th century, the roadside ablaze with forsythia, most of which was mercifully unshaped into boxes or whatever. I would never have this shrub myself, but I admire it elsewhere.

And we saw this carved tree stump along the way.


Carol said...

Those plants do look pretty good. I spend too much time in the spring going to the garden centers and hauling home flats of annuals and other plants. I might just look into doing more mail order next year to save time.

Shira said...

What's that dark purple right in front of the box flap? I'm too lazy to get my glasses (and too tired from weeding my perennial garden all morning)

EAL said...

Persian Shield--and I'm too lazy to look up the latin, but it's strobilanthes or similar.

Gets raves every year--a must-have foliage plant.

shira said...

it is strobilanthes dyerianus - guess horticulture school is good for something! Just looked at some today to put in a black urn for a client... it's going to look stunning.

Kate said...

Your plants look in great shape for having being sent through the mail. I love the carved tree stump ... it is cool.

I've never heard of strobilanthes so I will have to keep my eye out for it here.