Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer slipping away already—before it begins

Thank god all the pond trauma is over. It's in, it kind of does its own thing and I don't have to worry about wanting a pond and not having one anymore. Now that the problematic planting bed it now occupies is considerably reduced, I can enjoy the rest of the garden.

Two small hiccup: one of the fish died and I think the pond builders managed to squash the sweet autumn clematis to death. The other fish seems OK, but we'll wait a while before adding any more. We must have lost the knack of keeping fish; it's been a while since either of us had an aquarium.

Aside from the pond, it's amazing what a sunny May will do. All the annuals are much further along than usual, including this nicotiana, Crimson Bedder.

Even the small seedlings from my neighbor's basement are in bloom already, and I have more rosebuds than I've ever had before. As for perennials, not being a foxglove or iris person, I don't have too much, but the geraniums (phaem above) are going great guns, even the ones I pulled out of the bed. I'd love to know what variety geranium this (below) is; it's the sole survivor from a can of seeds for shade I threw down once in a fit of silliness.

Oops, guess I am an iris person now; here's my first pond plant getting ready to bloom.

I don't usually do these survey-of-the-garden posts, but I just have a feeling about this summer. It seems as if I don't document it I'll miss it. Too much going on in other areas.


LostRoses said...

EAL, sounds like you have too many irons in the fire to enjoy your own garden but I'm glad you now have the pond for a bit of tranquility now and again. And we won't count a pond plant iris as making you an "iris person"!

I have that white geranium also but have no idea what the name is. Actually, I forget I have it till it blooms, so obviously it doesn't need any help from me. I like a plant like that!

lisa said...

That geranium looks like my Canada Anemone wildflower...sorry I'm not more help!

EAL said...

Boy, it sure does, Lisa. I think you could be right, but I'll have to research it a bit more.

Annie in Austin said...

Lisa was faster - it looks like a woods anemone to me, too, EAL. I used to grow a similar one. Maybe the sweet autumn clematis will surprise you and come up from the roots in a new location.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jen14221 said...

Nice pictures.