Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's new at the BG

Every few months, I like to check in at the Botanical Gardens to see what's going on inside and out. Invariably there are major changes—a lot of busy gardeners and a huge, decades-in-the-completion master plan make that a sure thing. Today, I was glad to see that the century plant still had not bloomed, but didn't get frozen by bitter temps of early spring either. (I've posted about it at Garden Rant.)

There was plenty to see otherwise. The pond is fully stocked with a veritable field of water lilies—though when I walked to the edge to get some pictures, some golfers on the other side were yelling fore; we were right in front of the fairway. This is unfortunate. I say, let the golf courses be in one place and the public parks in another. Strolling, picnicking, and enjoying nature really don't mix well with golf. (I was glad to see that none of their shots made it over the pond. Plop—in they all went. Ha.)

Anyway, the perennial gardens looked OK—they won't peak until mid-July, though. There were some impressive Rozanne geraniums, kanutia, tons of hosta, and some flowering shrubs finishing up. Inside was actually better, with some gigantic musa and the citrus in full bloom. Their papyrus also looked fabulous. They do a great job with the tropical stuff, but they must need more crew outside. They had Gardenopoly in the gift shop: first I've heard of this game.


Hedging said...

I'd like to see a century plant in bloom some day but I think the odds are pretty small. I liked your gardenopoly btw.

guild_rez said...

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Rosengeranium said...

Oooooh! Gardenopoly! It must be mine! ahem, I mean, my two year old really need some educational games... :-)

Anonymous said...

I carried Gardenopoly in my shop about 3 years ago. My gardening customers loved it! The company is a based in Ohio (small company) and does a fantastic job with this game By correctly using the botanical names and references! I Highly reccommend it!

Lacy Abbott
Diggin' it! Garden Shop

lisa said...

Oooh...that first picture is really cool! What a nice combo, think I'll emulate that in a planter next year. "Garden-opoly"? Sounds fun! Wonder what they use for "Boardwalk"...maybe your own high-end nursery or a botanical garden?