Monday, October 15, 2007

Late season action

To be honest, seasonal decline is very evident on the GWI property, as I begin to get bulbs in and dread the leaf onslaught to come. However, I do have plenty of annuals still going strong and some nicely coloring shrubs, as follows:
Above is Forever Pink macrophylla , which gives a nice dusty rose color as it ages.

I still have elephant ear all over the place, which I may try to overwinter. Here's Violet Stem with coleus and an interesting impatiens variety (yes, such exist!).

And the nicotiana bella is still very floriferous, as are its relatives throughout the garden.


Muum said...

this is my first visit to your blog. Do you grow the nicotiana every year? I may try it next year.

EAL said...

Yes, it is a mainstay. But I mail order or buy (at better local places) species and tall hybrids, NOT the usual stubby garden center stuff. Most of my nicotiana is 3 feet tall or better and grows with the perennials in beds.

Select Seed, which has plants, not just seeds, is good for this.

Carol said...

Coming onslaught of leaves? Wasn't it just a year ago that you all had that freak blizzard? It's nice to still have some blooms, isn't?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

Your interesting impatiens does look interesting.

I was so deluded by the wet midsummer that I 'rescued' a marked-down Hydrangea. The rain immediately stopped after it was planted, so I'll be visiting blogs like yours to see them looking good.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Nice! So exactly which impatiens is that?

EAL said...

It was purhased at a nursery--I liked it because it was yellow--looks like some kind of New Guinea hybrid.

Often I don't pay too much attention to these types of purchases because they're just for the season.

But we do have a good nursery here that really tries to offer cool annuals as well as everything else.

Connie said...

Lovely Nicotiana! Do you know a seed source for it?

LostRoses said...

Your seasonal decline is still looking very colorful, Elizabeth. I admire your fall blooms and why I haven't I planted some pink nicotiana? Maybe next year!