Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tazetta update

The instructions from Old House Gardens came today along with a box of wonderful, earthy-smelling bulbs. I put the box of bulbs next to my other big box of bulbs (soon to be joined by the next box UPS tells me is about to arrive).

Here’s the deal with the tazettas like Grand Primo and Early Pearl, which can be grown outside in warmer places. They are like paperwhites, and can be forced over water and pebbles, but they do need two weeks in a dark, cold place before they can be brought out to grow in the light. Old House Gardens cautions that the room should be chilly like a Victorian parlor. Ha! No problem. Soon I will be starting my indoor-sort-of-greenhouse project, and that’s where there these will go. More on that later. The fact is that any room in our house is chilly enough during the winter for these or any other plant that doesn’t like it too hot and dry.

I do wonder. Old House Gardens is headquarted in Michigan, and yet they really seem to specialize in bulbs for warm zone gardeners who can't give bulbs a natural chilling period. Hmmm. I'm glad they do though. Everyone should have access to bulbs.

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