Thursday, February 14, 2008

February means forcing

Don't worry, there won't be any boring African violet or cyclamen images this month (though all of those plants, and more of the houseplant ilk, are still going strong; tons of flowers).

This must be the first winter I've had tazettas and hyacinths (Crystal Palace) blooming at the same time, or, in some cases hyacinths (City of Haarlem) lagging behind. However, that's the case. I will boringly go on and on again about how much I love these Golden Rain tazettas. SO MUCH cooler than the measly single-flowered white kind. Here is a case where double blooms make sense, as the tazetta has a pretty small flower to begin with, on a rather long stem. However, the Zivas, etc. are more floriferous, so there you go.

New tropicals have joined the group in the plant room; they're left over from our Secret Sex Life of Plants installation. I am still waiting for images to post from that, though you can see the video here.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What do you do with your bulbs after they have done their duty? Do you compost them or put them into the ground as soon as possible??

EAL said...

Compost. The tazettas do not rebloom, anyway. Once you've forced them, they're done. Hyacinths aren't too great outside--too formal. Fine for an ornate bedding scheme.

I tend to treat a lot of spring bulbs as annuals, inside and out.

Kylee said...

Hi Liz - I usually do some forcing, but it's of a different kind. I made a post about cutting some salix and forsythia. I need to post a picture of the 'Sekka' Japanese Fantail Willow now because it looks so cute with all its little fuzzy mini-toes popping out all over.

By the way, did you get my note awhile back, about what happened when I planted the tulips you sent to me? LOL.

Annie in Austin said...

The light yellow tazettas are lovely, EAL - double does seem right for them.
I can't help but wonder whether they'd rebloom for us here in Austin ~ we don't pitch our depleted paperwhites but plant them outside.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

I'm going to add tazettas to my list of plants to force next year, and also try some tulips. I "just" have hyacinths right now. But gosh do they smell good. Better than any store bought air freshing oil.

Layanee said...

Now I know why you named your post 'Gardening while intoxicated'! Love the quirky angles of your shots! Clever.

EAL said...

Oh my god, Carol, you remind me. I have to bring my tulips up from the root cellar. It's two weeks past he time!

Daisy said...

I'm going to add tazettas to my list next year, too. I didn't do anything for indoor gardening this year, but your photos are inspiring! Looking forward to more tips from your blog!

Ellieut said...

I love your blog! I am in zone 5 too, Rochester area. Any chance you can pass the link on for Select Seeds? I did a search but am coming up with a cactus wholesaler! Thanks!

EAL said...

Thanks ellieut. I link to them at right, in my gardening links.

Anonymous said...



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