Monday, August 11, 2008

Best August ever

It’s been way too long since I posted—sorry! And what a tumultuous time it’s been in the garden. Although we’ve had more mid-summer rain than I ever remember, it hasn’t hurt the plants; they’re lush and floriferous. A climbing red rose (above, left) I’d given up on completely is now taller than ever and filled with buds as are most of the roses—in August!

Many lilies are still in bud, including all the speciosum rubrum and album. Then there are these lovely hybrids (above); you’ll say they’re Stargazers, but I think they’re the Summer’s End. They’re taller than the Stargazers and the petals are a bit too recurved. I look forward to smelling the much-vaunted rubrum scent when those emerge. Old House Gardens swears by it, but I have my doubts.

As last year, I’ve done some overhead shots from my husband’s study window and I thought it would be fun to compare them. The biggest difference is the monstrous rudbeckia hirta “Herbstomme.” Above is this year and below is last year. The ground cover around the pond is different, but you can scarcely see it. As always, the irrepressible trumpet/wisteria looms over all. I have to do something.


Fern said...

Looks beautiful. I think you achieved what my landlord wanted to have in her garden...but she never prunes anything or deadheads or cleans up plant debris... :-P

Anonymous said...


My roses are doing well this year too, but I am getting some black spot despite my consistant fungicidal spraying!

I know how you feel about posting, when you get busy, it is sometimes hard to get the the computer.I didn't post for over two weeks in July lol .


joey said...

Your August garden is lovely, Elizabeth. Thanks for the tour (love the overhead window shots)!

Terra Hangen said...

I enjoyed the photo stroll in your garden, and esp. the photo of the lily (see my blog photo and you will know why).
I grow all my Asiatic and Oriental lilies in pots to keep them gopher safe and out of sometimes soggy soil.

Bonnie said...

Wow, I began to ready your post and I think if you replaced all the words in your first paragraph with the exact opposite, it would describe our summer here in Texas.

spookydragonfly said...

Your gardens are "Intoxicating"!

Apple said...

I like the overhead shots, they really show off your space. The constant rain here is causing lots of fungus problems. I'm happy you've been spared.

Layanee said...

I love the 'plan view' of the garden. That reminds me that I need to do a few of those. I guess I will have to do a bit of cleanup first.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is obviously thriving on all the rain you have had. You must be getting the rain we should be getting. Only 1/2" this month. The only plus is that even the weeds have slowed.

Anonymous said...



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