Monday, August 18, 2008

Georgian Bay flowers

Georgianflowers.jpg, originally uploaded by EAL/GWI.

Here are few lobelia (?) by the lower dock. I believe the show is better in the spring. Anyway, if you ask me, I think the rock formations steal the show. They, the trees, the clear water, amd the many tiny, unspoiled islands, are the most beautiful elements of this place.


Camald said...

OHH! The red ones are 'Cardinal' flowers. I bought it as a perrenial at a garden ceter a few years back, but I found out it was also a wildflower.

Anyways, they grow nicely in garden, it gives me nice August colour.


Camald said...

woops, I just realized that this perrenial is in fact part of the lobelia family, as you just said.

nvm my comment then (but do consider planting it in your garden if you do not have it already)

susan harris said...

gorgeous. Rock often steals the show, imho.

Carol said...

No scoffing, it looks like a beatiful place. Not much can beat the way "nature plants a garden".

sex999 said...