Saturday, November 07, 2009

More finality talk

Hmm, a week after I have my “This is the end, my friends” post, Gardening Gone Wild announced an “End of the Line” photo contest. Coincidental, I am sure!

It was fun to look around the garden for my favorite end-of-the-season vignettes, particularly because the weekend has been gloriously balmy. We planted 17 trees around the neighborhood this morning: part of the Re-Tree WNY effort. It was up to me to choose the trees to be planted, and I had great fun with that. We ended up with redbuds, horse chestnuts, gingkos, serviceberrys, crabapples, and mountain ash. Decades from now, Allentown residents will see them in their glory.

Meanwhile, I am planting the last of the bulbs and enjoying what you see here. The roses have been just like this for the last 2 weeks; I guess they won't ever fully open. This is probably one of the last weekends it will be fun to linger in the garden.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are having that warm interlude in fall that some like to call Indian Summer. Sitting out in the Casa enjoying the last bits of bloom and the scurrying of birds and squirrels was enjoyable. Your last roses are pretty even in bud. You have the leaves framed nice too.

Carolyn gail said...

It's summer in Chicago much like when you were here, Elizabeth.

Dust bunnies are growing tails under my furniture as I refuse to do housework on such rare days in November when the temps hit 70 degrees !

Good choices for the trees. Didja know that gingkos are the oldest trees in recorded history ? They are treasured in Asia, especially by Koreans who collect their delicate, albeit stinky seeds.

The redbuds are so popular here as they signal the onset of Spring and of course crabapples are a Midwestern staple.

Its great that you were a part of the Re-Tree WNY project. Years from now the Allentown residents can truely thank you.

healingmagichands said...

We are having a very extended summer here, and so finding something that looks final around here has been difficult. I haven't actually decided yet, I'm still thinking. But if I had such a beautiful branch of roses I'd be done already. What a great picture.

Jean said...

I like your rose photo as well. How wonderful to be involved in a tree planting effort in your own neighborhood. All the trees sound like winners. You'll really love seeing them decades from now.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's so fun to spend someone else's money buying trees. What a neat legacy to leave for your community.
I love your photo of the Roses, it's so sad. It really gives a feeling for the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Choosing the trees for the plantings must have been too delightful, Elizabeth. Your choices were certainly good ones. They have come out with new varieties of crabs that really are appealing too.


Susan aka Miss R said...


I love, love, love your first photo of the tree. I feel like I know him/her.

Teresa said...

What a great thing to be a part of. Talk about being a part of the future. Now you are as well as those who planted them. Those roses are pretty even if they never do open. Nice send off into winter.