Saturday, November 07, 2009

The year of Erlicheer

Well, not really. But I’ve decided to closely document, just for fun, the progress of this particular type of tazetta. I loved them last year; each stem produces a tight bouquet of white blossoms (as you see below). And as I posted last year: they produce one of the most upright and bountiful floral displays I've seen. I’ve bought a lot of them (from Old House Gardens), and I hope to keep most—not give them all away as impulsive gifts.

And this is the year I’ll organize my forced tazettas and hyacinths just a bit better. I’m not mixing hyacinths in the same pots because they never come up at the same time. Mixing tazettas is often equally unsuccessful. In this case, nature encourages a monoculture.

Old House Gardens suggests that the Erlicheer (as well as the Avalanche and Early Pearl, which I also have) should chill in a dark cold room for a couple weeks, so I’ve placed them in the root cellar. They’re in tall glass vases, and I’ve used a combo (as you see) of river stones to hold them.

These bulbs are fun because I’ll see results in December and January, when nothing else is blooming—inside or out.


Carol said...

I like when people declare the year of something. Shows passion for whatever that thing is, and your passion for forcing indoor bulbs calls for "the year of".

I'll be watching and waiting to see what blooms you have.

Leslie said...

While I couldn't begin to declare it the year of Erlicheer here I will at least be attempting to force some for the first time thanks to your previous posts. Perhaps I will start a new tradition to replace the cyclamen I usually get each year.

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

I remember that picture and I'm having the same reaction I did when you first posted it ... I want some of those!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Eliz, these should be so very nice when they bloom, and quite frankly, the bulbs themselves are lovely on top of the rocks. Will be watching and waiting.~~Dee