Thursday, March 25, 2010

Concrete gardens and more at the garden show

Sadly, I did not get a shot of the armchairs made out of stone pavers, but you can likely imagine them. And I did not have the patience to document the dozen or so outdoor fireplaces.

But all was not lost at the local garden show, Plantasia. The cliché that these shows are meant to give gardeners ideas is not entirely specious. I saw some things that I loved but can never have, like a gorgeous stone outdoor sink. While I find outdoor kitchens and monstrous grills ridiculous, I can totally see the point of a sturdy and attractive outdoor sink. I’ve felt the want of one many times.

And I found some things that I loved and can or should have. There was a beautiful hand-crafted fountain made of bronze or steel leaves that was unfortunately already sold. And the guy only makes them in the winter, so I’ll need to wait a year for mine, unless I change my mind, or the guy who put a hold on it changes his.

I haven’t mentioned plants as they are not usually much in evidence at these. It’s not a good time for plants—whatever they have has to be forced, so you’ll generally see bulbs and hardy shrubs. Recently I have been seeing more early spring perennials. (Canada Blooms had a gorgeous stand of hellebores.)

Some of the vendors do sell some bulbs, houseplants, and cut flowers, though, and I couldn’t resist a colocasia bulb almost as big as a bowling ball, a bag of glads, and some dahlias. So much for the garden show is over, but at least I bought plants.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you were disappointed with your garden show. Too bad. I always look forward to such for a little glimpse of things to come. Too bad the fountain was sold. Booo

Leslie said...

I'm with you on the big outdoor kitchens, but a stone outdoor sink? Now I want one.

Heather's Garden said...

I want a photo of the stone paver armchairs!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I'm glad someone else finds outdoor kitchens and grills the size of a car monstrous (you're diplomatic--I call them absurdly obscene.) I think, definitely, you need a fountain, even if it takes until next year to get one. It sounds gorgeous. Being an enabler here!

I went to Canada Blooms about 5 years ago, and know what you mean about the lack of plants. There WERE quite a few plants at CB, but it overall left me feeling sort of flat, because the landscape designs were so over the top, and there were so many sellers of junk in the retail area. I haven't gone back, but I heard good things about this year's show.

Jake the Girl said...

There are more pictures of Plantasia at If anyone is interested in those outdoor fireplaces, check it out.

Thanks for the pictures!

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