Friday, October 08, 2010

In which Amy's chickens steal the show and Amy drinks vodka out of a mason jar

Oh sure, I did my best with my weird pickled hibiscus buds and my vintage hyacinth vases, but that background clucking and Ladybird's guest appearance was just too cute. Here's episode 2 of the Garden Rant Cocktail Hour. Stay tuned because we're bringing on some other bloggers who long to tell their tales and drink their drinks for you.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Both drinks sound yummy. I really like the idea of infusing vodka with berries. I will keep that in mind for next summer. You were right, the chicken stole the show.

garden girl said...

Love the chicken, and the blue hyacinth vase is gorgeous. said...

A good idea to have the video chats. I have seen/listened to two of your posts. They are fun and interesting. Just a thought for you maybe.

Did you ever hear of The Skirted Round Table. You may want to check them out. They have been doing something similar with their almost weekly podcasts for many years. Here is a link.

I enjoy them dish on interior design, but if you check out the guest list and the topics, they are very creative in topic choice and get the best designers/architects/magazine editors in the industry to stop in and chat.

Just in case you think I am spamming because I left a link, Elizabeth, I am also a Western New Yorker gardener and blogger.

bacon seed said...

This was fun and interesting to watch :) Ladybird is pretty!

chicago dyke said...

i was at this euro garden blog the other day, new to me so forgive me for forgetting the name. "our life in Brittany" or something like that. anyway, they were talking about these fabulous pheasant-like birds, all peacock blue and black stripes and funny/interesting heads. they are supposedly better than chickens b/c the don't eat your garden plants (preferring a wild diet) but still lay tasty eggs and make for nice dinners when you're ready to rub lemon and garlic etc on them. i have long toyed with the idea of raising birds, and they sounded like the perfect avian solution.

i should do this. i haven't done any podcasting but seeing as how i talk to myself so much in the garden as it is, i might as well upload the musings. you two are very amusing and it looks like you're having a lot of fun. nice choice of boozes! i was recently blogging about my rather negative experience with some home made stuff. heh. it's great when it's good, but when it's bad? oh, nothing comes closer to defining "killer hangover."

Heidi Schreiner said...

For those of us entering winter, how cool to find your video blog / conversation!

Fun drinks, too. I just happen to have tons of wild raspberries out back. ;)

Love the chicken.