Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I buy more bulbs

Unbelievably, some 100 more bulbs will be wending their way to Allentown from Gloucester, VA, the location of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs , one of the highest-rated bulb companies in the US (just an FYI). All the same, I did go a bit overboard.

And this isn’t the last bulb shipment.

There will be 60 hyacinths, “Crystal Palace,” and “Chestnut Flower.”

I figure I‘ll force most if not all of them, with some as gifts. This year, I’m going to try keep more pots for the house. This is so easy to do, though you do need the right temp for the cold storage period. And some I’ll transfer to hyacinth vases after chilling.

Then, there are 40 paperwhites, Israel and Jerusalem.

Why are these always given these biblical names? Did they originate in the Holy Land? I don’t have the vaguest. Anyway, these are supposed to be tall and have a more delicate fragrance than the Ziva, though I don’t remember if I got Nazareth last year and if I liked it. That’s partially what the blog is for. I hope I’ll have the courage to admit to all my usual dismal bulb-forcing failures. Enough of that, though—this is the hopeful time!


Karen said...

Ooh, hyacinths. What do you think of the fragrance? I have a few in the backyard (like maybe 15), but I find the odour very powerful. Still, they are some of the first colour in the garden in spring, so it's nice to have them.

EAL said...

I find it quite refreshing. But then, I am also going to have 4 containers of paperwhites in my house from November through January. So I may have more tolerance for strong fragrances than you do.

I think too that different hyacinths have different degrees of fragrance.