Sunday, August 14, 2005

I order bulbs

Those unfamiliar with my property will assume I have a three-acre estate to cover in spring flowers when they read this list of bulbs due to arrive at my house in September/October. Those familiar with my tiny property also know that I am insane.

I had the most fun choosing the “accent bulbs”—the weird exotic ones that will be sprinkled about. I decided to go with 10 of the black parrot, though I read in my fabulous new tulip book that it is a “difficult grower.” Damn.

Then, I got another 10 of t. acuminata, a species type which I’ve been tempted by the last couple seasons. Check it out. Wild—and supposed to be pretty sturdy, though we’ll see.

And then 10 of this pretty t. clusiana “Cynthia.” I already have a related one, “Lady Jane.”

For the two circular raised beds in front, I got two tall Single Lates, Perestroika and Maureen, 50 each.

Sprinkled throughout the new hosta beds and around the front will be 50 galanthus nivalis flore pleno, a double snowdrop, and the very bright blue 50 scilla siberica. I’m hoping these little ones might come up around the same time, but not sure.

Finally, for forcing and for containers, I’ve got 50 Princess Irene and 50 Passionale.

That should get me started. Now for the hyacinths and lilies.

Oh yeah, this order is from John Scheepers.


Karen said...

Unlike your other comments today, I am not a spammer. I love your blog. I have a gardening blog too. I am not far away, in Cambridge, Ontario. Daylilies (hemerocallis) are my "thing". I ordered bulbs last year, but I'm fighting the urge this year and I will buy bulbs at the nursery instead. I never thought of the porn analogy for catalogs, but I do know those pictures are misleading (I ordered "pink" daffodils last year that bloomed yellowish apricot).

EAL said...

Hi Karen,

I checked out your blog--love how you eradicated most of the grass in your front yard!

KT said...

I'm looking for more free advice here :-)
I planted Colchicum bulbs about 8-10 years ago. The greenery pops up in the Spring but they don't flower until late August- when is the best time to split them? I'm afraid they are getting too spindly and will eventually die out.

EAL said...

Wow--8 years. I'm tempted to say leave well enough alone. Those are expensive bulbs too. Now, I believe these propagate on their own and won't need any help from you. So I wouldn't mess with them.

You may have to refresh them by adding more bulbs. A new bulb grows from the mother bulb, (well, they are really corms) and the mother dies off on its own while the baby continues. Remember too if you handle them that they are posonous.

KT said...

Poisinous?!! I didn't know that!!! I was thinking of splitting them off and give a few to my sister but she can go get her own now! They were expensive , even on sale when I bought them at Majeski's they were around $5- $10 I think and that was quite a while ago. Thank you for the info.