Friday, August 19, 2005

I’ll miss the hot hot hotness

It makes the summer go slower. What I love more than anything these late afternoons is coming home—especially on a Friday!!—pouring a glass of white or opening a beer for myself, choosing a red for my husband and sitting together on the patio, listening to the incredibly loud cicadas and watching bees (and sometimes) butterflies buzz around the verbena boniarensis. (Unfortunately I can’t photograph the verbena—it always looks like a big mess.)

Garden work is not really done during these interludes, except for some languid deadheading. Garden Walk is over and things are kind of mellow. Not a lot of color or flowers, but still great foliage and a few late arrivals.

Like this, a hibiscus that is doing much better this year.

Or this, a caladium that I yanked out (or thought I did) but it survived and grew despite my brutish mangling.

The hot hot hotness makes the wine taste better.

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