Thursday, April 13, 2006

The other early spring plant

It was very pleasant to see masses of public daffodils on my way to work today. This seems to be the way they work best, as large groups. There are some very handsome plantings along the 33, at Allen and Main, and along, I think Youngs Road. Or was it Cayuga? Or was it Werhle? Of course, given the general hideousness of these thoroughfares, just about any planting of anything is going to look great.

However, yes, you do get sick of daffodils after a while. No one plants anything but the very common varieties, though there is a whole world of far more interesting cultivars out there. I have a few coming up in my front garden, left over from the last owner, and I find them extremely boring. I tried to plant some smaller species types, but they fell victim to the all-encompassing devouring tree roots. It does look like some of the stranger tulips I planted are coming up.

But I must say that the very first plant I saw blooming on our property this spring was not a bulb. Once again the two clumps of hellebores I have in that back are putting on a very nice show, now that I have cleared away the old leaves and the dead growth from last year. Also called the lenten rose and Christmas rose (I believe in the more temperate climes of England they do come up near Christmas), this plant starts blooming in late March/early April and continues through, I kid you not, early June. At this point, the flowers start to decline and the foliage, which is also very distinctive, takes over.

A great plant.

Here it is, in the midst of desolation:

and, up close:


LC Scotty said...


It was really nice to meet you guys at the game last night. Hope to do it again soon.

Karen said...

I've not heard much of hellebores. They do look nice though. And if they are early bloomers, that's all the better.