Saturday, April 08, 2006

Time to garden

I realize I’ve merely toyed with this blog all winter long. That stops now. Even though the weather is trying to scare us when it’s way to late for anyone to take it seriously, gardening season has officially begun. And Garden Walk planning season is well underway.

Things still look pretty crappy chez the GWI garden. I’m not sure what’s the most pathetic sight on the property. Would it be the leftover hosta and fern debris from last summer? Or maybe the hydrangea sticks (and not a lot of good-looking buds either). And then we have the partially-trashed brick wall, a section of which now in pieces in front of the maple tree. All very bad.

Last weekend, during the one good day we had, we finally got last fall’s leaves raked. I don’t know why I actually felt good about that, but I did. In terms of what’s blooming, we have a fine showing from the hellebores, a white bunch and a green/rose bunch. They’re supposed to be the same plant so I imagine sun exposure causes the variation. The double snowdrops are a big disappointment so far—according to this blog, I bought FIFTY? Could I have given a bunch away? I suppose. Nothing from the scillas, but it may too early.

I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera to the Botanical Gardens today. Their spring flower show is up and looks great—though there could be a few more unusual cultivars, and I would really love to see better labeling. Still, it looked and smelled amazing: hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, some lilac, primrose, and more. The daffodils in particular were great: almost all fragrant doubles, and more cream/white, which I prefer to the yellow.

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Karen said...

My hydrangea doesn't look too bad. I don't have much happening in the garden right now either. I have a lot of spring cleanup that needs to happen, but hasn't yet.

Of course you should feel good about raking the leaves; it is an accomplishment. And it's way more than I've done.