Friday, April 21, 2006

As long as the chairs are out there

Any serious gardener around these parts knows about the Mischler’s 35¢ perennial sale; it’s kind of an unofficial kickoff to the season. The plants are small, but of good quality. Mischler’s develops their own soil mix. They’re also famous for about the biggest geranium selection I’ve ever seen, if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course, it’s not time for those yet.

Anyway, I met a friend there, and, with admirable restraint, managed to get out of the place with only a few jacob’s ladder, some verbena boniarensis, some fancy coneflower (shown on this post), and some tall campanula. This was the first time I’ve seen such unusual cultivars there. Oh yeah, and some small violas. As these images show, they offer quite a tempting array of pansies, but I’ve been taken in by those before. Not this time, though I did need the violas for the tulip pots in front.

Upon our return to the GWI property, we celebrated our purchases with a bottle of 2003 Loberger gewurtztraminer, a very spicy but fairly dry example we both really like. The guy at Premier calls it a spice bomb and he’s not far off.

A nice prelude, but I won't be able to sit out there and ignore all the chores for too much longer, especially now I have plants to get in.


Karen said...

Oh those violas are pretty. You are planting them with tulips? (What colour?) Or are they to replace the tulips?

EAL said...

Hi Karen,

I did buy some purple and yellow ones to plant around my tulips; they work well for that, but once the trees leaf out and the heat begins, they decline quickly.

For tulips, I have orange/purple (containers), rose/white (ground), and black parrot/spring green (ground, different area) going this year. Plus a bunch of species that I've added to over the years. I blogged about them last august: I order bulbs